September is coming, and I plan to make the most of this arbitrary block of time. September includes more free time than normal (For me) so what a perfect time to make positive changes and gain a few levels in life. In September, I want to grow and accomplish and that starts with …


September Goals:


  • Squat 2x, weekly. (But not weakly)
  • Deadlift, weekly.
  • Bench 2x, weekly.
  • Do Pull Up interval every second day.
  • Exercise Video, weekly.
  • Stretch Video, weekly.


  • Finish CS 50. I am currently about half way through. To finish this will take a lot of focus and dedication throughout the entire month. This will be this months main focus. But it is time to slay this dragon.


  • Study Japanese vocab flashcards daily. Do 20 new cards when able. 


  • Work a minimum of two overtime shifts to cover our recent spending.


  • An awesome date, weekly.
  • A deluxe super awesome date, monthly.
  • “Quality time”, twice a week.
  • Love and intimacy, Daily


  • Drink a litre of water, daily.
  • Stretch Hamstrings, daily.
  • Read, daily.
  • Plan the next day in advance, daily.


  • At work: Help and connect with my coworkers.
  • At home: Minimize distraction; engage with wife.
  • When learning: Stay on task, build the “focus muscles”.